How to configure DSTV Extra View Cables

Get all information about How to Connect DSTV Extra View Cables in South Africa.


Check Detailed information about How to Connect DSTV Extra View Cables in South Africa!! We have provided essential details regarding How to Connect DSTV Extra View Cables, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead as soon as possible and get How to Connect DSTV Extra View Cables details.



How do I connect DStv three view?

How many DStv decoders can you connect? Digital Satellite Television subscribers can now link three decoders for a three view experience. So, how do you get three independent DStv viewing environments in a single subscription? The connection requires the use of DStv Explora as a primary decoder, and the other two can flexibly be a combination of either Single View DStv HD decoders or DStv Explora. Crucial to note is that older models are not compatible when running several technical modifications necessary when setting up three decoders to run in extra view mode. Here is the step by step DSTV Explora extra view installation guide to help you establish multiple decoder connections for DStv extra view service. Note that, as suggested by the company, you have to hire an accredited installer, but this guide was published by random users like you about connecting the decoder. So, if you are going to connect it yourself, it is your main responsibility. Here’s the link to the guide.

All decoders linked in XtraView enjoy all the subscribed channels and same features. Even though this is the case, every decoder functions separately, therefore you will have to specify a particular decoder for remote recordings. Also, every decoder requires its own internet connection.

Make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the primary decoder because it is the one that will pass the heartbeat to the other secondary ones. Also, the secondary decoders cannot function if the main one is switched off or removed, or when the heartbeat is affected by cabling errors or other interference. This means that the primary decoder is unaffected by the secondary ones, so if the link is broken or the secondary one is not working, the primary decoder will continue to function.

By carefully and patiently following the above procedure on how to connect DSTV extra view cables, you will undoubtedly complete the installation process successfully. Happy watching without any remote battles interference!


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