Best free QuickBooks courses online

Keeping track of finances is essential for any business to thrive. However, small business owners are not always experts in accounting, which can make it challenging to manage finances effectively. The QuickBooks software is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes easily manage their finances. Luckily, you don’t need to break the bank to learn how to use QuickBooks effectively. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the best free QuickBooks courses online.


Here’s a dive into some noteworthy QuickBooks Online courses that cater to both beginners and experienced users.

1. QuickBooks Learning Center

Overview: Directly from Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, this free resource provides a combination of video and text lessons on various QBO functionalities, from basic to advanced.

QuickBooks Learning Center

  • Pros: Official source, no-cost, and frequently updated.
  • Cons: May not provide the depth of some third-party courses.
  • Link: QuickBooks Learning Center

2. Udemy – Mastering QuickBooks Online

Overview: Udemy, a globally recognized online learning platform, boasts multiple courses on QBO. One standout is “Mastering QuickBooks Online”, which offers a comprehensive walkthrough of the software.

Udemy - Mastering QuickBooks Online

  • Pros: Accessible to beginners, lifetime access once purchased, and periodic discounts.
  • Cons: Course quality varies by instructor.
  • Link: Udemy QuickBooks Courses

3. LinkedIn Learning – QuickBooks Online Essential Training

Overview: This structured course is designed to provide insights into the most critical aspects of QBO. It’s suitable for beginners and intermediates.

  • Pros: Includes a one-month free trial, and is updated regularly.
  • Cons: Subscription-based payment after the trial.
  • Link: LinkedIn Learning

4. Fit Small Business – Free QuickBooks Online Tutorials

Overview: A series of free tutorials that delve into various QBO topics, making it perfect for users who prefer learning at their own pace.

5. QuickBooks Online Certification Course

Overview: For those aiming for formal recognition of their QBO expertise, this course leads to the QuickBooks Online Certification exam.

  • Pros: Comprehensive training and certification-focused.
  • Cons: Might be too in-depth for casual learners.
  • Link: Found through the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program

Why Opt for a QuickBooks Online Course?

  1. Professional Growth: Mastery of QBO can be a significant asset in the job market, especially for accountants and bookkeepers.
  2. Efficient Business Management: Understanding QBO can streamline your business operations, helping you maintain accurate financial records.
  3. Flexibility: Most online courses offer self-paced learning, allowing you to learn at your convenience.


Choosing the right QuickBooks Online training course depends on your needs. Whether you’re a business owner looking for a basic overview or an accounting professional seeking certification, there’s a course out there for you. Always make sure to check the content outline and user reviews before making a decision. Happy learning!

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